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The Layout module offers the user an ideal environment for handling
    QuarkXPress documents as well as unique possibilities of monitoring
    the production. The monitoring is done via a full-size preview of  the Quark
    XPress document or as thumbnail images in a Browser window

The local editors have the
    opportunity of viewing the
    make-up process - without
    having QuarkXPress installed.

Direct connection to
    QuarkXPress for
    document opening.

Production monitoring is
    provided via the status of
    each individual QuarkXPress
    document and is up-dated
    every time the pages are
    stored from QuarkXPress.

Layout module is the page designer’s primary tool. From here the production of newspaper pages in QuarkXPress is controlled.

The Layout module overview offers the user clear and simple features, facilitating the daily handling of QuarkXPress documents and libraries.
When the list is shown as a text list, the status of each individual QuarkXPress document is shown as an icon on the list.

With the Layout Module you can:

Locate and view pages based on workset,
    publication date and user.

See full-color views of pages at any time.

Get a detailed on-screen report of the page status
     thus providing you with an ‘alert’ on late items.

Assign elements to pages by dragging and dropping.

Open and edit in QuarkXPress.

Moreover, the Layout module offers facilities, allowing the user to transmit the page for technical ad updating and final printing. In the Layout module you can also view and see the status of the ads as they are send on to the QuarkXPress pages.

When the Layout module list is shown as thumbnail images, the user is provided with an exact overview of the production status of all newspaper pages.

Preferably SAXoCache
QuarkXPress for opening documents
SAXoPage2Pict for setting up page previews



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