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Plan and design articles,
    pictures and pages directly
    from the QuarkXPress page.

Save time in the make-up
    process and work closer
    to deadlines.

The journalist always has
    a clearly defined extent,
    based on which the article
    is to be written. 


The SAXoLayoutXT offers quite new opportunities within the planning of the daily newspaper and its layout.

SAXoLayoutXT is developed to secure focus on the quality and contents in the articles of the newspaper and at the same time save time at the make-up stage.

The above advantages are gained as a result of the journalist having defined the measures of the article and pictures in advance, allowing him to focus on the essential in the story.

As in all other SAXoPRESS products the user-friendliness has also been in the driving seat when developing the SAXo-LayoutXT. There is simply no time consuming tasks for tracking, browsing and routing the articles.

Based on the QuarkXPRESS page SAXo-LayoutXT gives the person in charge of the page the option of planning the layout for the individual page in detail. From the QuarkXPress page you select the layout tool and drag a box to specify the place and size of the article. 

(pict. 1) Through a dialog you name the article, author, define category, set the format, number of pictures etc. When these settings are filled in a preview of the new article will afterwards appear in the empty box.

The article is now send to the Article Module and a message will appear on the screen of the journalist the article is assigned to. When the journalist opens the empty article in SAXoTEXT the box formats for header, sub headers and bodytext are automatically set up according to the format given in the definition dialog. (pict. 2)

The journalist is further more given the exate measures of the article in the in-formation header. The moment the journalist exceeds the number of lines given he/she is warned as the exceeded text changes color. When the article is completed and saved it will automatically be sent back to the given Quark-XPress page and appear in the SAXo-Palette. The editor now only have to ask the system to “Up-date template” - and the article and attached pictures will automatically be placed on the original place on the QuarkXPress page. 

With SAXoLayoutXT it is thus possible to plan entire pages from the same principle as with the individual article.

The person in charge of the page builds a template of the individual page. (pict.3) Afterwards the individual articles on the page are defined and sent to the journalists in the same way as described above.

As previously mentioned the big gain in layout driven production is to be found in the editing and make-up process. The gain is obtained because the sub-editor no longer has to cut and edit in the journalist’s article as the journalist has clearly defined scopes for the article in advance.
For the same reason the journalist will save valuable time as only the necessary amount of text will be written. Eventually, these factors will result in the possibility of stretching the deadline further for all parties and automatically help improve the quality of the work.




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