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SAXoImageProcessor Pro System is unique within advanced image flow and picture processing, and you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

In just a few seconds images will automatically be prepared for use on newspaper pages.

The SAXoImageProcessor Pro System consists of the SAXoImageProcessor Pro robot with either ImageProcessing XT or ImageProcessing XTra clients.

Combined these two products offer unique facilities for automatic image processing.

SAXoImageProcessor Pro is based on Photo-Race’s professional processing and separation facilities.

When receiving images from image agencies, inhouse agencies or other sources SAXoImageProcessor Pro can generate full-size previews for the received images and move images, previews and IPTC info into the production system, ready for use.

The stand-alone robot SAXoImage-Processor Pro is the core in SAXo-TECH’s concept regarding control of the image flow. ImageProcessing Xtra is used for processing images from SAXoPRESS, whereas Image-Proces-sing XT is used for processing images from QuarkXPress.

With the ImageProcessing XT the SAXoImageProcessor Pro System is a very strong stand alone system for all QuarkXPress users with a big need for image processing.

According to the user’s specifications of the image’s crop, rotation, color to gray-scales, placing of the adjusted image, etc., SAXoImageProcessor will automatically make the geometric adjustment needed.

Based on the processing selected (separate for grayscale and color images) in the ImageProcessing Xtra, SAXoImage-Processor can carry out the selected standard processing in PhotoRace.

Among others the processing includes Unsharpen Mask filter, curve processing and a separation for CMYK.

The adjusted/processed image can be saved in different formats, such as EPS, TIFF, and EPS/JPEG.  After saving, the image can be transferred to high quality prepress processing or to direct use on a QuarkXPress page, ready for print.

In connection with image reception the SAXoImageProcessor can be set to generating full-size previews of the received images.

With the PicturePrint XTra extension SAXoImageProcessor can automatically print out the processed images. This is useful to newspapers that paginate pages manually.



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