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Automatic image processing in SAXoPRESS
The ImageProcessing XTra is fully integrated with the Pictures and WirePhoto modules in SAXoPRESS. Using the ImageProcessing XTra combined with either the SAXoPRESS Pictures or WirePhoto module the user can automatically process images ready for use in e.g. QuarkXPress.

In the image processing window the user can specify image crop, color to grayscales, standard processing routines and placing of the processed image. Through an infobar ImageProcessing XTra specifies whether the image contains adequate information for carrying out the processing based on the selected parameters.

When the user has completed setting the preferences a processing order will be sent to SAXoImageProcessor to carry out automatic processing based on the user-defined information. In a few seconds the processed image can be found in the folder Processed Images in the Pictures module, ready to be transferred to QuarkXPress. The original will still be in its place as image processing is always carried out on a copy of the original.

Automatic image processing in QuarkXPress
The images are imported to the Quark-XPress page by means of Palette XT or by means of the QuarkXPress general import function for images. Standard QuarkXPress functions are used for cropping, scaling, or rotating the individual image. In ImageProcessing XT the user can set the standard processing routines: Processing as color or processing as grayscales.

If the user selects color he will be able to change color cast and color curve correction, whereas a selection of grayscales only allows the user to carry out grayscales cur-ve correction.

Just like in ImageProcessing XTra the Ima-ge Processing XT specifies whether the image contains adequate information for carrying out the processing based on the selected parameters. This is specified through an info bar.

Once the user has completed typing the wanted changes it is only a question of pressing "Process", and a preprocessing message will be sent to SAXoImagePro-cessor Pro to carry out the automatic processing based on the user defined information.

In less than a few seconds the original image on the QuarkXPress page will be changed with the processed image by SA-XoUpdate XT.

If the user does not want to use the image just processed he can press Fetch original, and the original image will be recalled by SAXoUpdate XT.

SAXoUpdate XT looks for updated paths for image boxes in QuarkXPress based on the path specified by ImageProcessing XT and SAXoImage-Processor Pro.

SAXoUpdate XT automatically updates all image boxes when a QuarkXPress page is opened and continues to update them at user defined intervals as long as the Quark-XPress page is open.




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