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The philosophy behind the SAXo ImageProcessor Pro


The photographer in the field takes pictures of the event for the story of the day...


Inhouse and agency images are converted to standard formats and "float" into the SAXo- PRESS production system In the two overview modules - Pictures & WirephotoModule - the image(s) to be linked to the articles is selected by simple drang and drop



The Imageprocessing can be done from both the PicturesModule through ImageProcessing XTra or directly from the QuarkXPress page through ImageProcessor XT. The user specifies the image crop, rotation, color to grayscales, standard processing routines and placing of the processed image. Whether the image contains adequate information to carry out the wanted processing is specified in a infobar. SAXoImageProcessor offers the same functionality for the Intenet newspaper and is used for e.g. the automatic scaling of the images used in the printed edition of the newspaper to a size more suitable for the Internet.




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