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PhotoBooking XTra
    enables the journalist
    (and others) to quickly and
    efficiently book a photo-
    grapher for a photo job.

The photographers will
    quickly and easily be able
    to see and print a list of
    the jobs they have been
    booked for within a specific
    date interval through the
    "Photobooking form".

You can see and print a list
    of bookings for the individual
    photographer or a total list for
    all photographers in a specific date interval.

PhotoBooking is an extension for SAXoPRESS enabling journalists, sub-editors or others who might need it to book a photographer for a photo job and at the same time secure the overview.

The booking takes place through a "PhotoBooking form": 
You book the photographer for at job by typing the date, time, duration of the job, description of the job, and where you want the photo placed, etc. Then, through their PhotoBooking the photographers will be able to see which jobs they have been booked for.

At the top of the main window you can see all photojobs booked. By clicking on "update" the photo bookings will automatically be sorted according to job time, and if you need a list of all bookings or just bookings for one photographer that is possible too.

Making, editing and showing bookings are carried out from the same base window  "New PhotoBooking" and "Show PhotoBooking" respectively and are consequently very easy to use.




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