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The Pictures module
    provides an ideal
    environment for
    handling inhouse

Possible connection of
    XTras, e.g.SAXoImage-
    Processor, for automatic
    image processing.

Direct connection to
    image applications for
    image processing. 


The Pictures Module allows you to browse through the database of locally produces images in order to select an image for publication.

Local images can be captured with standard desktop scanners and software. They can then be brought into the SAXoPRESS system by using the Multi-Converter to monitor a “hot” folder on the network.

You can Search through the collection of live, locally-produced images by workset, Publication Date, and User

Search for an image in a workset using a full text search. And you can open an selected image directly in Adobe Photoshop for image editing.

Large thumbnails of each image

Small thumbnails which allows more photos
    to be visible in a window at a time

In addition you can enlarge the view of any selected image to a full-size, hi-res preview. When an image is seleted the attached IPTC Header and Caption information is shown in the window on the left.

To each picture a description and a note may be added. At the same time useful information on formatting and the most recent alterations are shown.

The contents of the list are controlled according to the selected work options (which folder contents in the production system does the user want to see) and according to the date.

Thus, the Pictures module allows the user to work with staggered publication dates. The contents of the list are continuously updated, allowing the user to keep track of recent developments. 

By using the SAXoPhotoBooking system pictures can be delivered directly to the Pictures module with the photographer's remarks. Moreover, the Pictures module offers text search in the selected image de-scriptions.

Software requirements:
SAXoEngine (evt. SAXoFacility)



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