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The WirePhoto module
    provides the ideal
    environment for handling

Search through the
    collection of live wire
    images based on text
    in the IPTC header,
    Workset and Date

Direct connection to
     image/graphics applications
     for image processing.

Optional connection to the
     SAXoImageProcessing XTra
     for full automatic wire-photo

Attach an image to a story by dragging and dropping from
    the WirePhotos Module to the article in the Articles Module
    and send it further into the production flow

The WirePhotos Module allows the users to browse through the thumbnails of images received from wire services in order to select an image for publication. This Module is directly connected to SAXoTEXT and QuarkXPress, in which wire photos can be attached to stories in the text editor or dropped directly onto the pages.

The overview is divided into logical areas, making image processing easy and simple - making up the image in QuarkXPress or opening it in, for instance, Adobe Photoshop.

In connection with the image, IPTC-data are shown, containing i.e. a description, arrival time, origin, agency, etc. All of these data follow the image during all the steps involved in image processing. The description can be copied as image text. The list contents are updated continuously.
Moreover, the WirePhoto module allows text search in the descriptions of the selected images.

With the SAXoImage-Processing XTra, the image is never more than a couple of minutes away from becoming a finished front page image.

It contains a text list overview with icon images and a thumbnail image overview with browser facilities and status indications, providing ideal overview facilities.  Images are displayed in a smalle image-list, a browser list or in a full-size.

SAXoEngine (evt. SAXoFacility)



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