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An integrated editorial
     planning tool for layout and
     content driven production.

SAXoPLAN is a module
    in SAXoPRESS and offers
    the well-known userfriendly

The planning tool gives
    an overview and conse-
    quently the opportunity of
    optimum resource allocation.

Full text search on all
    stories and events.

SAXoPLAN is the tool handling all the practical problems within editorial planning and thus optimizes the resource allocation of the newsroom.

SAXoPLAN being a module in SAXo-PRESS means that article planning, resource control, idea presentation, diary and other essential planning facilities are an integrated and natural part of SAXoPRESS.

The chief editor thus has the optimum story control tool and can follow stories closely from idea to completed page. Through the diary you will quickly get an overview of concrete stories, to-pics,stories of the individual newsroom, tip-offs, events, invitations, etc.

From the overview of possible stories you can assign time and resources directly to stories, and assigned jobs can be placed in publications.

Basically stories are listed without linked elements. When the story is referred to a journalist he or she can make the article himself, or an article may already be linked. Such a linked article may e.g. come from a Quark page, and then the pre-defined amount of text is to be written.

The diary is also a control tool for the individual employee, who can write his appointments and jobs into the diary and thus have an overview of the jobs and appointments of the day.

Besides seeing own appointments the user can also see other people’s appointments or the appointments that the editors are in charge of. 

The diary also contains a Repeat function for recurrent events (daily/weekly) such as meeting activities.


In the duty plan you will have a quick overview of the resources available at a certain point in time. A resource will typically be a journalist, but can also be a room, a photographer, etc.

You can e.g. have a duty plan for one employee in the coming weeks, or a duty plan for the entire newsroom on a certain workday. Resources can be given different rights through a user profile exactly as in SAXoPRESS. The SAXoPLAN administration is handled from SAXoAdmin.

Last, but not least you have search facilities in SAXoPLAN with full text search on all stories and events.




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