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SAXoBASIS is your key
    to the SAXoPRESS
    Publishing System 

Easy access for the
    authorized user - through
    User Login and Password

SAXoBASIS remembers the
    settings of each individual
    user, thus providing optimal
    working conditions -
    independent of the individual

Presents you with your palette
    of available modules

SAXoBASIS is the basic module in the SAXoPRESS application. It is used to set up preferences and worksets for all the modules in the SAXoPRESS application. 

SAXoBASIS is quite simply your key to the SAXoPRESS system. Simply enter your user login and password and your workset pops up - just access from any computer available. 


The primary task of the application is to provide you quick access to - and information on - all the editorial sub-elements of the newspaper: articles, wirenews, images and pages.

You access the modules in SAXoPRESS Publishing via a tool bar
SAXoBASIS controls all newspaper sub-elements. By defining the user specific preferences the individual user can create a number of paths to the specific server folders in which the elements needed for solving a specific job are located. 

SAXoBASIS is based on a system of “production dates” - paper sub-elements being arranged according to date. Thus you are automatically presented with current events - and does not need to conduct a topic “search” every time.

By setting up an alert in your workset in respect to wire stories you ensure that every important article are brought to your immediate attention. And with your defined profile you minimize the jam/disturbens from irrelevant functionality or wirenews of no interest to you. 

SAXoBASIS offers you optimal possibilities for individual set-up and adaptation of the work environment. Thus you may set options explicitly aimed at solving a specific task. Only the newspaper elements currently needed for solving a specific task are shown in the module overview.

The individual user set-ups are centrally stored. Therefore, the you are not dependent on a specific workstation, but may work within your own well-adapted environment at any workstation.

SAXoEngine (or SAXoFacility)




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