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SAXoAdmin is the
   administrator’s tool for
   configuring and customizing
   the SAXoPRESS Installation

Define and manage all
    parts of the SAXoPRESS
    system, including users
    and groups, and the setup
    of the editorial workflow.

Simple, intuitive graphical
    interface makes system
    administration easier.

Create and manage the SAXoPRESS product
    definitions and internal typographical stylebook.


The SAXoPRESS Publishing System is based on the concept of working with a "product" defined in the database.

Most publishers produce several publications (for example, the daily newspaper, a weekend tabloid section, and occasional monthly special sections). Each of these publications will be defined as a Product in SAXoPRESS.

Products have many settings that are predefined in the SAXoPRESS system to allow all users to work efficiently together.

These include:

The structure of users/groups and their access
    to different module

The categories, priorities, and status levelswhich make
    up the work-flow of that specific publication

The editorial typographical and geometrical
    definitions (the Product’s stylebook)

SAXoAdmin is the graphical tool that lets system administrators define and change those settings. Changes are reflected at all levels of the SAXoPRESS system.

The most important of these settings are the stylebook definitions. 
The implementation of the individual Product’s stylebook in SAXoAdmin defines the legal story formats and the overall functionality of the SAXoTEXT module.

During size calculations and pagination, the necessary definitions of the story format are fetched from the SAXoPRESS Product.

In addition, SAXoAdmin manages the way the system processes incoming wire agency feeds and the system import utility (Multiconverter).

In the SAXoPRESS Publishing System, each of the publications you print has a collection of information which describes the production environment for that product. This collection of information is the SAXoPRESS Product of that specific publication.

SAXoAdmin is the system administrator’s tool for editing the setup for the specific Product.


Enter or modify users, fonts, storage vo-lumes, and keyboard macros. The preferences for the individual user are the same for all Products defined in the SAXo-PRESS database.


For each Product, using SAXoAdmin, admi-nistrators may define or modify:

Categories - Picture and story categories
    for routing elements through the system

Groups - Groups of users

Quark Stylesheets -Text formatting information

Article Formats - Collections of Quark Stylesheets
    that make up how text is presented in your publication

Publication Days — Default production
    settings and deadlines

Agencies — Wire news feeds and their desired
    formatting and routing information 



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