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SAXoManager is the system administrator’s
    maintenance tool - the housekeeper,
    keeping the database nice and clean.

Automate the basic administration
    of the database and file structures.

Move and delete database records,
    files, and folders at fixed intervals.

Password protection ensures maximum security
    and protects against misuse

SAXoManager performs the basic clean up functions for the system. These include:

Deleting articles, images, and pages based on the criteria
    set up by the administrator. It also deletes broken links
    in the database.

Optimizing the database for peak performance.

SAXoManager optimizes the Database.


In order to keep the production database as clean and efficient as possible, it is necessary to remove all the published unwanted information from the system on a regular basis.

SAXoManager is built around a task structure, which makes it possible to automate maintenance of the database such as deleting articles, images, and pages.

A task is defined by its name, task type, and criteria. Task types are copying, moving, and deleting files and records. Criteria and task frequency can be set up for each individual task.

It is possible to automate a task to be carried out at fixed intervals, from once every minute to once a year. This allows for tasks to be carried out after hours or during the weekend.




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