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 Automatic import of stories and photos directly into the production system via email, saving a troublesome manual conversion work (cut/paste)

A remote user can easily send his story or pictures by email to the newsroom. The elements are automatically routed into the relevant baskets defined on system settings.



Now SAXoTECH offers mail integration to newspapers with a SAXoPRESS Database version. 

With just an e-mail programme available journalists and readers can hand in stories directly to the production. For instance the foreign correspondent is now able to send reports directly to the office and the readers can send in letters to the editor.  This extends the deadline for written contribution and increases the reader contact.

Mail which is sent to one or more e-mail addresses will automatically be placed as articles or wirecopies within an optional category on either the date the mail is received, the next publishing day or as undated.

The name of the article will be the subject from the mail, and in the end of the mail there will be given a filename of the possible attachments which can be placed optionally in the network (as files). Bodytext from mail will be bodytext in the article/ wirecopy. A possible attachment to the mail could be a picture to the story. 

In the multiconverter the super user can state a number of e-mail addresses in the form of category@address for instance The multiconverter copies every incoming mail, send to these addresses and converts every copy to the standard article format, stated another place in the multiconverter.

Hereinafter the multiconverter places the article in the category, logged on the single e-mail addresses. Mail for is saved under the "sport" categoryy.

Microsoft Outlook should run on at background machine (requires no CPU).
One channel in the Multi Converter should be configured to receive e-mail.



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