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With the PerfectMatch
    Server the writing editor
    gets an exact preview of
    the paginated article.

Possibility of layout
    check, hyphenation, graphic
    preview, automatic preview
    and format modification.

The PerfectMatch Server
    delivers 100% exact
    dimension calculation.

In SAXoPRESS all users
    are able to see preview of all
    accessible articles graphically.

The PerfectMatch application allows users of SAXoPRESS to see WYSIWYG previews of articles outside of Quark XPress. The previews of the articles are based on the Product and Stylebook information stored in the database.

Using the PerfectMatch preview, you can:
See hyphenation and justification of headlines

See hyphenation and justification of story text

See font, style, spacing, color, and layout for the article

The PerfectMatch software runs on a special SAXoPRESS background application server. The user sends a Perfect-Match article request to the server, which temporarily builds the article according to stylebook information and then sends an image of that layout back to the user. The user may choose another article dimension and almost immediately he/she can see the end paginated result. 

A PerfectMatch request can be sent from the Articles Modules or from within SAXoTEXT. These request can be sent at any time. 

The server consists of a stand alone machine, in which QuarkXPresss and some Xtentions are installed (developed by SAXoTECH).

Customers need to purchase a Quark Xpress license for each concurrent user of PerfectMatch.



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