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Automatic spell check
    system eliminating type
    errors and hyphenation
    in a text.

Common word list,
    common use of language

An automatic proofreading
    system brings great savings
    in terms of time and money

SAXoTECH customers have several spelling utility option. One of these options is Tansa - an automatic system for proofreading, error-corretion and hyphenation of text integrated into SAXoPRESS Publishing System.

Tansa is not another “spell-checker” or hyphenation utility it is a robust, server-based system that communicates with the SAXoPRESS client modules and QuarkXPress on each user´s workstation. 

Rather than relying on dictionaries to look up word spelling and hyphenation breaks, it employes advanced heuristics to deliver substanitally better results than any competing systems. A solution that secures that all users have the same word list and hyphenation rules.

Tansa scans sequences of words rather than isolated words. This gives it the ability to correct proper names and compound phrases - something no other spelling checker can do. Thus wire editors need never again worry how to spell the name of Israeli party leader Binyamin Netanyahu. Even tricky phrases like “chargé d’affaires” are handled effortlessly, with the correct accents and punctuation. 

An automatic proofreading system brings great savings in terms of time and money. It also liberates human resources to do more meaningful work. Another important consequence is that text can be revised all the way up to the final deadline. 

Tansa is extremely fast (it processes several thousand words per second), so that even large bodies of text can be processed in next to no time. 

Local terminology (scientific, technical, financial, political) is handled as a matter of course. Tansa also adapts to any organization's house style, ensuring uniform output. A house style usually requires that some spellings be chosen over others (e.g. 'ise' instead of 'ize'); it may also dictate the choice of words (e.g. 'agrobusiness' instead of 'farming'). Tansa handles all such requirements. 

At the moment Tansa is available for Norwegian (bokmaal and landsmaal), Swedish, English, & Danish.

The Tansa Server Software runs under Windows NT 4.0 with a memory requirement of 64 MB and a disk space requirement of 200 MB. 

The Spell-checking Client Module is available for Microsoft Word (Mac/Win), QuarkXPress (Mac), Lotus WordPro (Win), and Lotus Notes.  The Hyphenation Client Module is available for Microsoft Word (Win) and QuarkXPress (Mac/Win). 




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