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Publishing & PrePress Magazines

Here you will find information and links to prepress and publishing related magazines from around the world.

American Publications

dot.gif (95 bytes) Seybold Report on Publishing Systems
The objective US magazine that covers reviews of all major new products, full descriptions of new installations of equipment, events, updates on job transfers and future outlooks on industry trends.


dot.gif (95 bytes) The Cole Papers
The guru David M. Cole´s report on movements and developments in the publishing industry. The report is always very open to different points of view on hot on-going and future topics.


dot.gif (95 bytes) Editors & Publishers
Homepage Coming...
US publishing magazine which covers the news and trends as well as movements and opinions on hot topics in the publishing industry.


dot.gif (95 bytes) TechNews
NAA´s own magazine which covers nearly all subjects of interest for publishers incl. product reviews, product news, hot topic discussions, debate and events.


German Publications

dot.gif (95 bytes) Deutscher Drucker
The German answer to the UK magazine "Publishing" - covers all aspects of the publishing industry.


dot.gif (95 bytes) Publishing Praxis
A sister magazine of Deutsche Drucker which also deals with publishing matters.


British Publications

dot.gif (95 bytes) Publishing
UK magazine on publishing topics. Contains product reviews of hardware as well as software for professional use. Also covers new installations and trends in the publishing business.


dot.gif (95 bytes) Production Journal
Gary Cullum is the editor of this English publishing magazine that covers all the news in products, trends, staff and events. A great quell to fact oriented news.


Swedish Publications

dot.gif (95 bytes) Pressens Tidning
Sister magazine to "Tidningsteknik".


Norwegian Publications

dot.gif (95 bytes) DagsPressen
A Norwegian publishing magazine like "Tidningsteknik" and "AGI".


dot.gif (95 bytes) E-News
Grafisk Inside gives a very comprehensive picture of the Norwegian graphics business


Danish Publications

dot.gif (95 bytes) AGI
The Danish graphical magazine that covers product reviews, news and movements in the industry


dot.gif (95 bytes) Dansk Presse
Homepage Coming...
The official Danish publishing industry organization's Website. The publication covers all kinds of subjects related to the Danish press, its members, and the organization, such as product reviews, debate, news and industry events and stories.




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