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The Demo CD-ROM

If you don´t feel you have the time for at complete demonstration of the SAXoPRESS Publishing System we are happy to offer you the opportunity of acquiring your own personal CD-rom demonstration of SAXoPRESS. The advantage of the CD-rom is the liberty it offers to check out SAXoPRESS whenever you have a break or feel the spirit. The CD-rom is also the perfect way for you and your staff to prepare yourselves and figure out questions before meeting the SAXoTECH sales staff and/or having a live demonstration of the SAXoPRESS Publishing System.

Please acquire your SAXoPRESS Publishing System demo CD-rom by filling in the form below or by calling SAXoTECH.


Please provide the following contact information:

First name
Last name
Newspaper Group
Work Phone

Publication Type

No. of Seats in Newsroom
Current Newsroom Systems
Are you interested in
Mac Solutions
PC Solutions
Crossplatform Solutions




You can contact us at:
Phone:+45 96 314 200
or e-mail:



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