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Request a Demo session

SAXoTECH's philosophy is to get as many people to see the many advantages and opportunities the SAXoPRESS Publishing System offers live. We believe that the best way to experience SAXoPRESS is through a live demonstration either at your premises, in one of our sales offices or during one of the many industry exhibitions we attend worldwide every year.

It should be added that we arrange regular demo-tours making sure that we also get near you to provide your demonstration of SAXoPRESS. On this page you can always keep yourselves updated as to which parts of the world our demo-teams are visiting. If you can’t seem to find a demonstration near you, please call us and we will arrange a personal demo of the SAXoPRESS Publishing System right away.

Please contact us at:
Denmark:+45 96 314 200
US: 301 961 1942
or e-mail:




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