Anders Christiansen, chief executive officer

"Over the past few years, media companies have undergone significant changes due, in large part, to developing technologies. I am lucky to work with one of the most creative and innovative teams driving SAXOTECH into the next generation of software advances and publishing solutions. Our job is to make sure our customers are prepared and have the necessary tools they need for the changes ahead and to make sure they can compete in this ever-evolving market."

As chief executive officer, Anders is responsible for the company's overall strategic direction. Anders joined SAXOTECH in 1998 to expand the company's global presence. Under his leadership, SAXOTECH expanded to North America and the company now calls many of the top media companies in the world "customers." He continues to expand SAXOTECH's market leadership through strategic partnerships, technological advancements and continued global expansion.

Prior to joining SAXOTECH, Anders held a variety of management, operations, sales and marketing roles, including serving as the chief executive officer of UK-based software company, Peopledoc, Ltd. During his tenure at Peopledoc, he actively transformed the company from a small software development firm into an industry-leading application provider of the document management industry Anders holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

Bill Gilmour, executive vice president & chief financial officer

"One of my main objectives is to grow SAXOTECH responsibly, in a profitable and sustainable manner. Working with our financial team, we make sure the proper financial controls, budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools are in place so we can continue to advance as a company and better serve our customers.”

As executive vice president and chief financial officer, Bill holds management responsibilities for SAXOTECH's overall financial strategy as well as its day-to-day financial and accounting operations. Bill joined SAXOTECH in 2006 to build SAXOTECH's global finance team. Bill brings 20-plus years of progressive financial executive management experience to SAXOTECH with an extensive background in software companies, most recently as chief financial officer for Alogent Corporation. Bill holds a bachelor's of commerce degree from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Jesper Frank, direktør / senior vice president

"My goal is to ensure that we at SAXOTECH always understand the needs and requirements of our customers so that we can deliver best-in-class solutions that provide the best value for our customers. We want our customers to focus on what they do best and we want to make certain they can do this in the most cost efficient way."
Jesper joined SAXOTECH in 1997 as a regional sales manager and later became vice president of sales for the SAXOTECH European business unit. His deep knowledge of integrated media solutions and enterprise-level publishing platforms brought him to SAXOTECH's corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida where for 6 years he served as the company's senior vice president of sales and operations for North America. Jesper now serves as Direktør / Senior Vice President of Europe. With more than 15 years of publishing and executive sales experience, Jesper is responsible for overseeing sales strategies and driving new business development. His additional responsibilities include working closely with the SAXOTECH product management team to ensure current and future customer requirements are met as well as helping to identify new trends and opportunities in a constantly changing media industry. Jesper holds a master's degree in marketing and finance from Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University in Denmark.

Ed Ross, vice president (Americas), sales operations

"My priority is to deliver customers both monetization and efficiencies achieved from strategic partnerships. I am committed to providing a superior platform and knowledge resource to empower clients for growth and prosperity. Through our innovative solutions and vast knowledge my teams goal is to collaborate and share this with customers to produce optimum results."

Ed brings over 25 years of information technology experience to direct North and South American Sales Operations. Prior to joining SAXOTECH, Ed held executive officer positions in both public and private companies within the enterprise software industry. He has extensive experience leading Sales and Operations both national and international. Ed holds a bachelors of science degree in Accounting/M.I.S. from California State University Northridge.

Marcel Badowski, senior vice president, services

“Today media companies have to do more with less and as a result, effective service and support is extremely important. I am committed to providing our customers with the best support services and ongoing training available. Our team is motivated and works hard to understand our customers so we can deliver a service that is second-to-none.”

Marcel is responsible for SAXOTECH's worldwide professional services organization, as well as its managed hosting operations. Marcel has more than 25 years of international experience in the software industry working and living in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Prior to joining SAXOTECH, he held vice president of professional services and vice president of operations positions at Mactive, Inc. and held multiple executive management positions with Atex. Most recently, Marcel was the vice president of advertising operations for Atex Americas where he oversaw professional services, project management and customer support for all advertising and circulation products. Marcel earned a bachelor of science degree from Birmingham University, Birmingham, England.

Pat Stewart, senior vice president, development

"There is no higher occupational calling than to have the chance to work with software professionals and watch them achieve great things. At SAXOTECH, we have a solid team of experienced professionals that are very creative and driven to bring to market a set of solutions designed to help our customers achieve a competitive advantage. Working with this team each day is why I am excited to be a part of SAXOTECH."

Pat directs SAXOTECH's development and product management teams located in Denmark, Florida and New Hampshire. He is also responsible for overseeing the company's technical strategy and product architecture for SAXOTECH's advertising solutions. Pat brings 30-plus years of direct newspaper development and executive experience to SAXOTECH. Most recently he co-founded a newspaper support and development company, CKP, providing software products and services to major newspapers across three continents. Pat holds a bachelor's degree in information systems from San Diego State University.

Peter Ibsen, vice president, business development

"Business models and technology are changing daily in the media industry and it is critical to our customers' success that they have the tools they need to stay competitive. My primary focus is to stay ahead of these advancements and work with our product management and development teams to create timely solutions for our customers to implement into their business. With our full organization's combined thinking on technology and the media business, we are able to work with our customers to create flexible solutions that return positive results very quickly."

Peter joined SAXOTECH with more than 20 years of success shaping companies for growth and profitability. As vice president of business development, Peter is responsible for the vision, solution and go-to-market strategies for the company's product portfolio. Peter relocated to Tampa, Florida from Denmark in 2005. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering from The Technical University of Denmark and a graduate diploma in business administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Mette Kvistgaard, director of global hr

"My goal is to provide quality HR management and services to the organization and to ensure organizational competencies are aligned with our company objectives. I am committed to working in partnerships with managers and their teams to create a great work environment rewarding and supporting one of the true characteristics of our staff, always being willing to go the extra mile for our customers – and for each other. Our corporate values of happy employees and happy customers and our dedication to teamwork and operational excellence are woven into all aspects of my HR work at SAXOTECH"

Mette joined SAXOTECH in 2010 in the role of HR Manager and brings 15-plus years of Human Resource and extensive management experience to SAXOTECH. Mette has a background from both international and Danish ICT companies where Mette has been part of the management team and has held various HR management positions and has worked also in the role of Senior Management Consultant and Project Manager. In 2012 Mette joined the SAXOTECH Corporate Management Team and now serves as Director of Global HR. Mette works out of SAXOTECH's EMEA office and besides the local EMEA HR operations, she holds the responsibility of overall corporate/global HR management, HR strategy and projects. Mette has a degree in Business Communication from Aarhus School of Business/Aarhus University in Denmark.

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