SAXOTECH Mediaware Center

The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center provides media companies with one of the most comprehensive media solutions on the market today. This multi-channel workflow and content management system brings print and digital publishing together, allowing media companies to produce and share news content in a streamlined and collaborative production environment.


SAXOTECH Online is a self contained digital publishing and content management system. It is a flexible and scalable system open to integration and custom development using industry standard coding languages. SAXOTECH Online provides a common repository for all media assets – from copy and images to video and audio. Its content production tools provide the ability to create, edit and manage content and automatically present information to multiple digital channels with a single point of administration.

SAXOTECH Content Share

SAXOTECH Content Share manages budgets and content assets allowing for global collaboration between newsroom staffs regardless of the geographical location or the front-end publishing system of the newsrooms. It enables media companies to share all content, ideas, assignments, resources, budget items, video, pages and workload effectively across the entire news organization. The portal eliminates the need for more than one set of resources to be assigned to cover the same story.

One Touch Publishing

SAXOTECH's One Touch Publishing is the complete solution for managing, routing and delivering news to any device, any channel, any where. Develop new products and revenue streams with integrated technology designed for maximum reach and operational efficiency.

Directory Publishing Center

SAXOTECH's Directory Publishing Center provides media companies with the ability to easily create and deploy niche directories, geo domains and boutique sites to maximize local revenue opportunities. Featuring a high-level category layout for major points of interest in the local community, the Directory Publishing Center makes it easy for digital audiences to find businesses, services and activities in their cities and towns.

Online Advertising Management Server (OAMS)

SAXOTECH's Online Advertising Management Server (OAMS) can help you meet some of the biggest challenges you face with online advertising management. It delivers predictability to online advertising sales and measurement.

Self Serve

SAXOTECH's Self Serve is an intuitive point-and-click tool that allows advertisers to buy premium positions in list views, upload photos and add coupon promotions. It provides value to the media company's user community while providing an excellent promotion for the advertiser.

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