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Know Your Audience. Grow Your Business

Meet Sally.

Sally visits your website frequently looking for content relevant to her. Unfortunately, it's not always easy for her to find. As a result, Sally doesn't stay on your site for as long as you would like, she doesn't click through as many pages or ads on your site as you would like and she most certainly doesn't subscribe to receive your paid content.

Now meet SAXOTECH Connect

SAXOTECH Connect allows you to easily provide Sally with content and advertising relevant to her - increasing the time she spends on your site, the number of pages she views and...the amount dollars she generates for your publication. For as Omniture has reported, "Targeted content is clicked 43% more than randomly served content"

In fact, SAXOTECH Connect provides you with the ability to provide customized content and targeted advertising for all users, including anonymous readers or "grazers" as they often called. It even allows for individuals to have multiple personas based upon the different preferences (such as what they are interested during the work day and what they are interested in during their spare time).

A first-of-its-kind targeting solution, SAXOTECH Connect supports today's digital business models and optimizes the user experience, helping you:

Collect readership intelligence into one platform

Target readers with content and ads they want

Grow the frequency and intensity of site visits

Engage advertisers with demonstrable ROI

Drive revenue, subscriptions and brand

SAXOTECH Connect's targeting capabilities gives your audience the content and accompanying advertising it wants and the profitable way forward you need in today's digital marketplace.

Connect to Readers

Connect to Advertisers

Connect to Success

Target readers' unique interests based on the content they read

Observe readership behavior in real time across mobile, tablet and digital platforms to further increase relevance and results

Use predictive analytics to understand customer behavior and better engage with readers

Offer personalized advertising based on a visitor's affinity for certain products

Offer greater advertising ROI that results in increased contract commitment and ad revenue

Push advertising that pulls readers into local businesses

Use predictive analytics to understand customer behavior and better engage with readers

Use dashboards and metrics to show in real time the success of advertising campaigns

Grow subscriptions, sponsorships, new revenue streams

Leverage and monetize all your content

Prosper across all platforms, including digital, mobile and social media

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