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As a complete solutions provider, SAXOTECH offers a broad spectrum of Professional Services. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge are always at your disposal. We offer cost-effective services to supplement your internal resources, including implementation, project management, training and support.

From project start-up through post go-live follow up, SAXOTECH's implementation teams provide our customers with the resources needed to ensure a successful project. Our implementation teams have many years of industry experience and have completed a broad range of successful projects. They take their knowledge and experience from previous projects and apply it to current projects increasing the value of their services to our customers.

SAXOTECH's implementation methodology streamlines the deployment process and results in consistent, predictable scheduling and project completion. Each implementation project is divided into well-defined stages with clearly stated responsibilities and deliverables. We understand, however, that no two media companies operate in exactly the same way, so SAXOTECH implementations also remain a collaborative endeavor throughout the process. Customized project plans are designed and a project manager is assigned to each project ensuring tight coordination with your team members.

Successful project management is at the core of every SAXOTECH installation. Our project management process generally begins by defining the project goals and objectives and then quantifying the resources, budgets and timelines needed to achieve them. Each project is assigned a project manager responsible for managing the implementation of the project plan and communicating project status with stakeholders and peer project managers. Throughout the entire project they ensure accurate and objective information on performance is shared between the parties and the desired results are achieved.

Technology is often the fastest way to achieve a transformation in operational performance. Unfortunately, the pace of today's technology makes maintaining and managing your own internal systems often very difficult and costly. SAXOTECH's managed services are specifically designed to let your organization leverage our proven experience and technology in a way that makes sense for your business. We can optimize your efforts and minimize your investments. Our managed services can provide you with the management of the network-based services and applications at a cost-effective price. By utilizing SAXOTECH's resources, media companies can be sure their system administration and hardware management are being handled in a predictable, systematic fashion.

Organizations often face a great challenge getting up to speed with new technologies. SAXOTECH's professional services organization is available to provide you training based on your needs and the specific solution deployed. Training is available on-site, at our offices or via the Web to help you learn best practices and proven methodologies. We also continuously offer refresher courses to ensure our customers get the best return on their investment. As with all of our professional service offerings, our goal is to ensure you get full and lasting value out of our solutions.

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