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How can I create new sources of revenue?

Driven by the rapid expansion of digital publishing and advertising channels and the push to supplement traditional revenue streams, media companies have undergone a significant change in their revenue mix. While traditional revenue streams continue to remain a significant source of income, new sources of revenue related to the many digital formats that have emerged over the past several years are playing an increasingly larger role in revenue generation for media companies. Media companies, however, are not alone in their efforts to capture these new revenue sources. They must compete intensely against big portal companies, search engines, classified verticals and many other competitors for the same audiences and the same advertising dollars. Fortunately, media companies have several unique qualities that provide them with a distinct advantage over their competitors. SAXOTECH's Online Ad Solutions are designed to enhance these qualities and to provide media companies with the tools needed to maximize the potential of new revenue streams.

How can I better capture and monetize my local market segment?

The local directory advertising space has rapidly emerged as a viable new source of revenue for media companies. Directories not only offer a valuable service to your audience certain to increase readership, but also an opportunity to attract new advertisers who were previously unable to participate in online advertising because of the high price traditionally associated with it.


In order to succeed with the use of directories, media companies must maximize the advantage they posses over their competition. The ability of media companies to infuse their local editorial content with the listing services creates a dramatically enhanced consumer experience unavailable through other online sources. Through the use of "relevance technology," which allows a consumer to be guided to interesting related content, their experience can be even further enhanced. Consumers reading stories on a media company Web site can also be served links to listings relevant to that story. This ability to reference back and forth between the editorial Web site and the directory service is a powerful traffic booster and a source of opportunity for advertising up-selling.


SAXOTECH's Directory Publishing Center is designed to allow media companies to effectively enter into and maximize the revenue potential of local directories. When used in association with SAXOTECH's multi-channel publishing solutions, media companies are able to utilize expanded taxonomy capabilities, enhancing reader experience and increasing search engine optimization.

How do I win the battle for local advertisers?

Historically, the majority of Web-based advertising has catered to the large national and global advertisers. However, over the last few years, companies have begun to realize that while the revenue-per-ad for local ads is generally lower compared to traditional ad revenue, there are potentially many more ads to serve and a much larger audience to be served with local advertising. As a result, local online ad revenue is now experiencing its greatest rate of growth.

The competition for local markets is also increasing for both local directory offerings and display advertising. Even in light of such increasing competition, local media companies continue have the opportunity to capture significant market share as they posses the "feet on street" element large national sites cannot duplicate.

The SAXOTECH Online Advertising Management Server (OAMS) is uniquely positioned to aid local media companies in their efforts to capture and maintain local market share. OAMS is designed to serve a variety of ads on media companies' local newspaper Web sites. It tracks available ad space and order fulfillment to provide the necessary overview needed to drive the business. In combination with SAXOTECH's Ad Sales Management system it creates a powerful solution able to address and sell any online ad format to local businesses.

How do I efficiently conduct sales activities to local advertisers?

While pushing ad sales through a local consultative sales representation is an effective strategy for complicated campaigns involving multiple online ad types, such an approach is inefficient for use with the smaller sales orders often associated with local businesses.

SAXOTECH's Self Serve provides media companies with the ability to efficiently serve this important market segment. SAXOTECH's solution provides a flexible self-service platform which can be used to expose any type of ad or combination of ads to a public sales portal. It includes a unique packaging concept providing media companies with the ability to package a complex set of multiple ad types into a simple "one click" buy on the front end. This packaging technique, combined with clear pricing structures, creates an easy to use solution for both the media company and the advertiser.

How can I easily create new products or verticals?

As a vehicle for generating new advertising revenue and in some cases, for creating subscription-based services, media companies are constantly expanding and re-inventing their product portfolios. Due to the emergence of an increasingly fragmented potential audience, these new offerings take the form of specialized vertical publications in both digital and print formats designed to capture a specific market segment.

Although such vertical markets can create a solid and engaged audience, they are naturally smaller than the mainstream market and therefore generally do not generate the same level of income or justify the same level of cost as more general offerings. As a result, it is extremely important that media companies can create these new products and verticals in a rapid, cost efficient manner.

SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions provide media companies with the ability to achieve these goals independent of the media type or the channel you are engaging for your new endeavor.

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