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  • SAXOTECH Implementation

  • A SAXOTECH implementation is a collaborative process involving SAXOTECH and the customer. It is divided into stages, from initial concept to post-go-live followup.
  • SAXOTECH Managed Hosted Mediaware Center

  • The SAXOTECH Managed Hosted Mediaware Center combines all of the elements of a traditional media content management system with the latest in technology. Designed to support both digital and print channels, SAXOTECH’s flexible and cost effective solution enables publishers to efficiently produce and share news and information in a streamlined and collaborative production environment.
  • SAXOTECH Managed Hosting

  • SAXOTECH Managed Hosting solutions provide media companies with stable and consistent platforms on which to grow their business. Our experience and expertise in hosting high volume, dynamic Web content for the world's major news publishing organizations is unparalleled in the industry.
  • SAXOTECH Online

  • SAXOTECH Online allows your organization to create, manage and display virtually any type of Web and multimedia content for any purpose, including content used across multiple channels, to ensure consistency across the Web, wireless devices, e-mail, and printed collateral.
  • SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions

  • SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions are designed to provide publishers with the tools necessary to harness the growing potential of online advertising.
  • SAXOTECH's Planning - Channel Agnostic Storytelling

  • From the moment story ideas are born until final articles and assets are archived, SAXOTECH's Planning system enables media companies to realize greater productivity and increase quality and optimize the use of resources.
  • SAXOTECH's Data Central

  • SAXOTECH's Data Central empowers online publishers to create new database applications or present existing data sets of any type or size via digital channels, increasing the flexibility of your content channels while delivering greater value to your readers.
  • SAXOTECH's Directory Publishing Center

  • SAXOTECH's Directory Publishing Center allows publishers to easily create a wide array of lucrative searchable directories, guides and index products for their local communities.
  • Omaha World-Herald

  • The Omaha World-Herald Overhauls Technology Systems – Creates 24/7 Integrated Newsroom with SAXOTECH Mediaware Center
  • The Monroe Evening News

  • The Monroe Evening News – First Media Company to Deploy the SAXOTECH Managed Hosted Mediaware Center
  • Berlingske Media

  • SAXOTECH Expands Partnership with Berlingske Media to Support Newsroom Convergence Strategy

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