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With SAXOTECH, you get the industry's highest level of service and support backed by a team of experienced engineers who are solely and exclusively dedicated to managed hosting. Our international team consistently serves hundreds of the largest and most multi-faceted media organizations worldwide with multi-channel publishing, advertising and audience engagement.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

33% Average Cost Savings
with Managed Hosting in the Cloud

Outsourcing IT operations for your newsroom, advertising and publishing systems can result in significant benefits, including savings on IT infrastructure, faster implementation times, no-hassle upgrades, support before you know there is a problem as well as a lower overall cost of ownership.

By utilizing managed hosting, media companies have the ability to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology performing at its highest levels without having to make the personal investment in the needed hardware. They also have the ability to access and use a full production system from anywhere. In addition, through the use of managed hosting, media companies can be sure system administration and hardware management are being handled in a predictable, systematic fashion, meaning that many common problems often experienced by media companies will be prevented. All the intricacies of setting up systems and maintaining them for optimal performance are done by experts with deep knowledge of every aspect of the system.

"The security, redundancy and overall performance of SAXOTECH's managed hosting environment allows us to focus on the core parts of our business instead of system administration and direct investments in new hardware."Thomas Hviid-Andersen, Digital Chief, Politikens Lokalaviser A/S
"We are bringing more of our editorial and online activities in to SAXOTECH's hosted environment because it just works so well." Rob Mitchel, State Editor, Rutland Herald

SAXOTECH has more than 10 years of experience in operating centralized hosting environments and today serves hundreds of media companies around the globe with managed hosting services out of both a North American and European hosting center. The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, SAXOTECH Online and the suite of SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions are all available as hosted solutions within SAXOTECH's cloud, designed specifically for use by the media industry.

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