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Why is social media important?

Social media, peer-to-peer, Web 2.0 - a new vocabulary has emerged with vital importance for media companies. Countless interactive tools now exist which may be utilized directly on a media company's Web site to allow audiences to make their voices heard and to participate in the news stream with personal opinions, additional material and expanded information. Such tools range from commenting and forums, ratings, reviews and recommendations to user profile pages, user blogging tools and user-generated content. Each has the ability to expand the amount of time a reader spends on your site, the frequency of their visits and the quality of their experience.
While it is sometimes difficult to measure the return on investment associated with interactive tools, the importance of such tools for media companies cannot be denied. Through the use of social media tools, communities of dedicated followers can be created – be it communities focused on the actual geographical community or new types of communities not driven by geographical proximity (such as communities of teenagers, mothers, football fans or any other constellation of situation or interests bringing people together). Social media provides media companies with the ability to serve and interact with diverse, dedicated communities – both from the standpoint of serving general news into these groups and also as a source of information in the form of user-generated content. The blogosphere is here to stay, and to the extent media companies can play together with these other information providers, it will strengthen the value consumers see in the media company offering.
SAXOTECH has provided Web publishing systems since the infancy of the World Wide Web and has been there when social aspects of publishing has emerged and matured. We offer integrated social solutions rooted in our own multi-channel publishing solutions, as well as offerings from some of the most significant companies serving in this space.

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